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Table 6 Specific PET Isotopes and Their Medical Uses[8] Isotope Half-life Medical Uses (minutes) Carbon 11 20 Blood-pool tracer studies (carbon 11 carbon monoxide) Dopamine receptors and mental disorders (carbon 11 spiperone) Myocardial viability (carbon 11 fatty acids) Fluorine 18 110 Brain activity (FDG) Identification of noninfarcted myocardial tissues (FDG) Location of primary tumors and metastases (FDG) Bone density studies (fluorine 18) Nitrogen 13 10 Myocardial blood flow (nitrogen 13 ammonia) Oxygen 15 2 Blood flow to the brain and myocardium (oxygen 15 water) FDG indicates fluorodeoxglucose
However, for certain specialized studies, carbon 11 palmitate and carbon 11 acetate are used to assess overall oxidative metabolism.