carbon copy

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We developed Carbon Copy 32 in response to our customers' demand for a feature-rich, easy to use, 32-bit solution that is compatible with every Microsoft operating system," said Tom May, director of software marketing for Microcom.
Microcom is proud that HP has chosen Carbon Copy as a key component in the Company's continuing effort to better serve its customers.
The list of contributors to our ``Lords of Los Angeles'' is a carbon copy from one development to the next.
HWhen staff were again busy or distracted, the top copy was returned to the bookmaker's side of the counter with the carbon copy retained to collect the bet.
Darley took his tally for the season to 123 with an 18-1 plus brace on Sebring and Carbon Copy while Fallon drew a blank from four rides .
And director Christopher Ashley (best known for both staging and filming Paul Rudnick's Jeffrey) has done his damnedest to create a fresh production that's not a carbon copy of the movie.
Somebody really did think of this idea ages ago but its revival is making baseball score keeping a lot easier -- carbon copy books so the coach and the scorekeeper can each get game statistics immediately the game is over.
She embodies the role of Marguerite with genteel and passionate emotion, making it her own and not a carbon copy of its originator's.
A yellow carbon copy of the order form is included.
That "what" is a virtual carbon copy of Godfrey's analysis: more attention to business ethics, new emphasis on relationship development, and a sense of caring and artistry.
For a complimentary copy of the Kirksey Carbon Copy, go to www.
Employing the Italian - currently in charge of o the Russia national tet am - would be a carbon copy of GuG us Hiddink's appointment of 2020 2009.