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The students should be prompted to remember that the rate of carbon dioxide production is a measure of the fermentation rate of each raw material and therefore reflects the efficiency of the given raw material for ethanol production.
In the field, the team found that a doubling in phenol oxidase activity led to a comparable increase in carbon dioxide production.
Oxygen bears a stoichiometric relationship to carbon dioxide production and bacterial growth.
They will reduce carbon dioxide production in the air and on the ground at airports, thus making a significant contribution to emissions reduction.
The plant will produce mostly carbonated soft drinks at a rate of 36 000 returnable bottles an hour and will include all auxiliary services, such as carbon dioxide production, steam, a syrup room, a generator, a water treatment plant and piping.
Some scientists believe that exercise attracts mosquitoes, as they use movement as well as body temperature to track victims, both of which increase during exercise, along with carbon dioxide production.
The reality is that wind turbines are not fit for purpose and do not reduce carbon dioxide production principally because of the need, at great expense, to keep back-up, gas-fired, systems running.
The efficiency, and the consequent reduction in carbon dioxide production per unit of coal burned, is directly due to the progress made in designing and building more efficient combustion systems, steam production and turbine efficiency.
Then they discuss how ingredients are blended to an agreed specification, sugar dissolving, batch and continuous syrup production, carbon dioxide production, carbonation techniques, the physics of filling bottles with carbonated beverages, the latest filling equipment, primary and secondary packaging, and inspection.
Yeang does not suggest that air-conditioning can be done away with completely, but that his proposals will temper the need for it, and hence reduce fuel use and carbon dioxide production.

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