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A few years later, Wedgwood realised this carbon paper could be developed for making copies of private or business letters and other documents.
4 billion in revenues last year, the company is quick to admit that stand-alone copiers are going the way of carbon paper.
CC" actually meant a copy produced by the use of carbon paper.
revolution (A Revolution for Each Stencil), 2007, a wall covered with sheets of carbon paper (the same installation was exhibited at Tate Modern last fall).
A SPANISH man tried to smuggle pounds 500,000 worth of cocaine into Northern Ireland by wrapping it in carbon paper to fool X-ray equipment.
9" x 12" white paper * Tempera paint (black, white and a variety of bright colors) * Paintbrushes * Pencils * Apple iPod magazine ads * Digital camera * Computer/printer * Carbon paper * Metallic colored pencils
5 percent or less of various contaminants, including carbon paper, Post-Its, mailing labels and coated copy paper.
9 x 12" (23 x 31 cm) drawing paper, pencils, carbon paper, 9 x 12" (23 x 31 cm) chipboard or mat board, white glue in squeeze bottles, brayers, printing ink, plate glass for rolling ink, 12 x 18" (31 x 46 cm) construction and other types of paper to print on, printing press (optional)
To measure the forces that press on a container's bottom, Nagel and his team placed a piece of carbon paper under the beads.
The man handed me dog-eared stationery and carbon paper which had been used at least twenty times.
Today, the computer is an essential part of writing -- replacing the pencil, typewriter, red pen and carbon paper in one swoop.
Tools include scissors, a craft knife, carbon paper, and a sewing machine.