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5 million illegal cigarettes seized by Customs FIND One of the cartons of illegal cigarettes found PROBE Carbon paper was used in an attempt to avoid detection
1806: An Englishman named Ralph Wedgwood patented the first carbon paper: Carbon paper is a thin piece of paper that has been coated with a mixture of wax and pigment.
bottle gourds, electric drill with 2" (5 cm) and 1/4" (3/5 cm) bits, wire mesh scouring pads, wood-handled scrapers, wire, pliers, sketch paper, carbon paper, pencils, acrylic paint, brushes, palettes, polycrylic sealer
Replacing carbon paper and other impression-sensitive traditional media, new "E-nip" from Sensor Products Inc.
Either he places the drawing on top of the prepared panel or wall and traces the main outlines of his drawn figure with sufficient force to leave an echoing incised line in the surface below, a technique which works best with true fresco, since the smooth, moist plaster surface of the unpainted wall is very receptive to incising, or he rubs the back of the cartoon with chalk or charcoal dust to create a sort of carbon paper and then traces the drawing's outlines with a stylus, transferring the chalk or charcoal dust from the back of the sheet onto the surface below.
They don't know what carbon paper is, they don't know what white-out is," said Paul Buckley, electronic commerce manager for AgoraRe.
Then he transfers it through carbon paper onto a slab of plaster of Paris.
The man had reportedly wrapped the cocaine in carbon paper to avoid its detection by X-ray equipment.
In an instant, carbon paper has been made obsolete.
Not surprisingly, more changes (using more paper) occur now than in the antediluvian days when making a change might require retyping an entire document as well as the use of several sheets of carbon paper.
Police said Lai Choon Kong, 39, violated Japan's Customs Law when the fake cards were found wrapped in carbon paper in the bottom of his sports bag during a routine inspection following his arrival on a June 28 flight from Malaysia.
23 Kyodo The Malaysian government is investigating reports that Japanese companies are dumping carbon paper in the country, Malaysia's International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI) said Wednesday.