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Effect of kefir and carbon tetrachloride on liver functions (AST, ALT and ALP) in mice after four weeks of treatment
Protective effect of Panax ginseng against serum biochemical changes and apoptosis in liver of rats treated with carbon tetrachloride (C[Cl.
The five compounds were isolated from the pet- ether and carbon tetrachloride soluble fractions of methanol extract of the stem bark of M.
Carbon tetrachloride has been extensively used for decades to explore the response of liver toxicity since injury caused by this hepatotoxin replicate those seen in most cases of human liver diseases which makes it a reliable model to study both signal transduction and cell cycle events in vivo (Zoo 2000; Brennan 1998).
Antibacterial activity was also assayed with kanamycin and various extracts (crude ethanol extract, n-hexane soluble fraction, carbon tetrachloride soluble fraction) of the whole plant of A.
Group 1 was administered the plant extract only group 2 was administered plant extract and carbon tetrachloride group 3 was administered solvent only (corn oil) group 4 was administered solvent and carbon tetrachloride group 5 was administered vitamin E only group 6 was administered vitamin E and carbon tetrachloride and group 7 was untreated control.
The rhizomes of Costus speciosus, which are occasionally used by the practitioners along with leaves of Centella asiatica for treatment of jaundice, has also been shown to have protective effects on carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in rats (Verma and Khosa, 2009).
Figure 2 shows the permeation plots of EVAN and EVA18/cellulose composite membranes, carbon tetrachloride being used as the permeate.
Phenobarbital in comparison with carbon tetrachloride and phenobarbital-induced cirrhosis in rat liver regeneration.
Recombinant Pseudomonas can detoxify heavy metals, carbon tetrachloride and naphthalene [3].