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Then, both water repellent-treated and -untreated concrete specimens were ready for accelerated carbonation test.
Test was divided into three groups' preparation: (1) 3% sodium chloride is mixed with the concrete hole solution to simulate the chloride salt corrosion environment; (2) pore solution is carbonized to simulate a carbonized corrosive environment; (3) carbonation hole solution was performed by adding 3% sodium chloride to simulate the carbonation and chloride salt composite corrosion environment [18].
Even though large literature is available about carbonation modeling of natural aggregate concrete (NAC), less research relates to the study of this mechanism in recycled aggregate concrete (RAC).
Camra testers found that the beer still contained live yeast, one of the essential ingredients of real ale, and showed that any carbonation was created by natural secondary fermentation.
Solidia Cement, which is silicate-based and has a low-calcium content, gains strength through carbonation instead of hydration.
Food-grade industrial gases are effectively used in the food industry for freezing & chilling, packaging, and carbonation of food products such as dairy & frozen products, beverages, fruits & vegetables, meat, fish & seafood, bakery & confectionery, and convenience foods.
Distributed by Horeca, S.Pellegrino is an Italian brand of mineral water and assorted real-fruit beverages, with naturally occurring carbonation and additional carbonation added by the bottler.
The high carbonation is noticeable on the tongue before the dominant citrus flavours appear together with bitterness.
Winemaking can be divided into two general categories: still wine production (without carbonation) and sparkling wine production (with carbonation natural or injected).
SodaStream, the at-home carbonation system manufacturer that has been both condemned for operating a factory in the West Bank and lauded for its treatment of Palestinian employees, has reportedly fired 60 of them over a dispute concerning the food that workers received to break their Ramadan fast.
Eventually some culture discovered how to trap the chemical compound carbon dioxide so that we could further enjoy the refreshing texture, fizz, and vehicle for aroma, which is now the modern day beer with its carbonation.
These effects are "carbonation" and "chloride intrusion".