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AHDB's Stephen Howarth said: "These carcases currently attract some of the highest average prices, on a pence per kilogram basis, as many processors pay bonuses for them.
0 cm the longest carcases belonging to the BBW x HF and the shortest to GB x HF though no differences existed for this trait among tested crossbred groups.
Prime beef carcase weights have risen between 6kg and 9kg across all classes to average 337kg.
AutoFOM provides a three dimensional image of the pig carcase and its composition, enabling saleable cuts to be predicted and offering fairer returns to producers.
Purchasers of bulls eligible for the superior carcase sire scheme will be able to claim pounds 5 per calf on the progeny of these sires up to a maximum of pounds 500 from three crops of calves.
The current pressure on carcase standards and on supplier-customer relations gives added topicality to a livestock quality initiative launched by the biggest slaughtering group, Anglo Beef Processors.
THE quality of British beef is at a record high, according to industry analysis of carcases.
In the meantime, if anyone comes across an animal carcase in a river, they are asked to notify the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.
Ling says there is always room to improve animal quality in areas such as nucleus breeding and improving specific traits such as efficient lean growth rate, reduced fat and improved carcase conformation.
Consolidating the gains of recent years, comfortably over 50% of all classes of carcase met the 'R or better' target for conformation.
NFU national livestock board chairman and Lancashire farmer Thomas Binns said: "The splitting of the carcase is adding significant cost to the industry and devaluing farmers' produce.
More detailed analysis reveals year-on-year improvements in both the leanness and conformation of all three classes of stock ( steers, heifers and young bulls ( to record the best all-round English beef carcase quality of recent years.