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Tom Goodman was prosecuted at Leamington Justice Centre for not complying with planning enforcement notices served by Warwickshire County Council requiring him to stop using the buildings as an carcass transfer station.
Little is known about carcass availability or beetle preference, other than beetles require specifically sized carcasses.
Summary: Moscow: Russian scientists claimed yesterday they have discovered blood in the carcass of a woolly .
In sheep, a major cause of carcass rejection is Cysticercus Ovis: in just one large Welsh abattoir in 2011/12, the equivalent of 275 lambs, weighing 19kg, were rejected due to C.
Experts carrying out DNA tests on the carcass of a mutilated deer for evidence of a big cat on the loose in the Midlands have drawn a blank.
A LIMOUSIN cross heifer took top spot in the second annual Asda BeefLink carcass competition at ABP's Shrewsbury abattoir.
The characteristics of very young Aberdeen Angus young steers with small and medium-frame slaughtered with the same carcass fitness are evaluated.
The present study was conducted to evaluate if chilled and processed skinless carcass contains less number of indicator microorganisms than with-skin carcass by conducting, total aerobic count (TAC) and Coliforms count.
In order to reliably estimate the number of fatalities at wind turbines from the number of carcasses detected, one has to correct for imperfect detection ('searcher efficiency'), for carcass removal, and, if necessary, for incompletely searched area.
In most parts of the world, various methods such as hand feeling, visual assessment of the body conformation, weighing and sophisticated ultrasonic photographs are used to obtain information on carcass characteristics of cattle for slaughter.
In addition, the ContiAlert system is complete with a calculator that enables customers to determine how much time is remaining before the carcass is exposed and the belt is in need of replacement.