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Hot carcass dressing (HCD): The percentage of individual animal dressing was defined as the hot carcass weight divided by the live weight 14 hours before slaughter.
Another use of the carcass dressing is to express the ratio between the carcass and animal weight.
Mean values of slaughter weight (SW), empty body eight (EBW), fasting weight (FW), hot carcass weight (HCW), cold carcass weight (CCW), hot carcass dressing (HCD), cold carcass dressing (CCD), net carcass yield (NCY), weight loss from cooling (WLC), carcass compactness index (CCI), leg compactness index (LCI), conformation (CO), and backfast thickness (BT), longissimus muscle area (LMA), according to treatment.
Hot carcass dressing (HCD) is the percentage of individual animal dressing and is defined by ratio HCW:BW.
Mean body weight for slaughter (BWS), hot carcass weight (HCW), hot carcass dressing (HCD), cold carcass weight (CCW) and cold carcass dressing (CCW) from goats finished in confinement with manioc silage associated with different sources of energy 54% de silagem 54% de silagem + 46% grao + 46% farelo de milho de palma CV (%) Parametros 54% Silage + 54% Silage + Parameters corn meal 46% Cactus meal * VC % PVA (kg) 29,63a 25,28b 11,60 BWS kg PCQ (kg) 14,38a 11,26b 12,04 HCW kg RCQ (%) 48,52a 44,59b 4,02 HCD % PCF (kg) 13,90a 10,86b 12,30 CCW kg RCF (%) 46,67a 43,01b 4,48 CCD % Medias seguidas de letras diferentes na mesma linha diferem estatisticamente a 5% de significancia pelo teste de Duncan.