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SEM = Standard error of mean Table 4: The effects graded levels of poultry fat on carcass characteristics of broilers Poultry fat 0 2 4 per cents [right arrow] Carcass traits (%) [down arrow] Carcass 70.
This study was performed to compare carcass traits, sensory characteristics, chemical compositions, nucleotide contents, collagen contents, and free amino acid contents among QGs to understand association between MS/QG and these parameters in loin and rump of Korean cattle steers.
The present results showed that ALA administration had no effect on BW gain or carcass traits.
Investigation of the effects using different mixtures of Nettle (Urtica dioica), Mentha pulagum (Oreganum vulgare) and Zizaphora (Thymyus vulgaris) on performance and carcass traits of broilers.
These results were in agreement with previous studies on growth and carcass traits (Yu et al.
15] studied carcass traits of broiler cockerels fed diets supplemented with inorganic selenium in two enriched types (Se-enriched alga Chlorella and Se-enriched yeast) and also contained 50 mg vitamin E/kg, were observed that average weight of breast skin on, was highest (P [less than or equal to] 0.
Meta-analysis of genetic parameter estimates for reproduction, growth and carcass traits of pigs in the tropics.
Combined Analysis for three terms evaluated in terms of different characteristics is listed in Table 2 Combined analysis of variance on data from evaluation of carcass traits in the three conditions of stress, tension and stress 100 percent 50 percent indicated that the differences between the three conditions mentioned in terms of height, peduncle length, length of main lavender, lavender original weight, length awn, total plant weight, seed number in major lavender, density, grain weight per main lavender, lavender weight, the yield, total plant weight in the plot, straw weight and harvest index level and a significant percentage of the weight of thousands
Basic statistics for carcass traits, belly traits and muscles Trait Min Max Carcass traits Carcass weight (kg) 70 116 Carcass body length (mm) 730 925 Backfat thickness (mm) 9 35 Belly traits Belly weight ** (kg) 5.
Identification of candidate SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) for growth and carcass traits related to QTL on chromosome 6 in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle).
Genetic variation in PLIN1 was associated with carcass traits and adiposity in humans (Ruiz et al.