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No effect of the diets was observed in carcass traits (Table 6), except for carcass yield, which was higher (p < 0.
Hot carcass yield (HCY), cold carcass yield (CCY), cooling loss (CL), loin eye area (LEA), backfat thickness between the 7th and 8th thoracic vertebra (BTx 7 and 8), backfat thickness between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebra (BTx 3 and 4), backfat thickness at point P2 (BT P2), lean meat yield (LMY), length and depth of carcass from male immunocastrated, surgical castrated and female pigs Variable Treatment CV (%) Castrated Female Immunocastrated HCY (%) 79.
Moreover, liver function has a major economic impact in the beef industry because a disorder can cause decreased animal performance and carcass yield in ruminants.
Performance, livability, carcass yield and meat quality of Tunisian local poultry and fast-growing genotype (Arbor Acres) fed standard diet and raised outdoor access.
Carcass yield was consistently higher for blue catfish and hybrids than for channel catfish, and fillet yield was higher for hybrids than other fish.
americana, while both the visceral weights reported by Crichton (1979, 1980) and the carcass yields reported by Blood et al.
This result is in agreement with Tabeidian and Sadeghi [10] who suggested that use of soybean calcium salt fatty acids had no beneficial effect on carcass yield.
After slaughter, the carcasses were weighed and carcass yield was calculated according to the follow equation: HCY (%) = (HCW/SBW) x 100, where HCD = hot carcass yield, HCW = hot carcass weight, and SBW = slaughtered body weight.
Because it buys predominantly bone-in beef, rather than primals, carcass yield is very important.
These technologies are used today to help carcass yield grading, least-cost formulations, meat colour assessment, fat colour assessment, waterholding capacity during storage and processing and even genetic improvement of meat quality.
Growth, carcass yield and thigh skin tensile strength of four commercial broiler strains.
There are important differences in carcass characteristics between the two categories when they are slaughtered with similar carcass weight, with the exception of carcass yield which is higher in younger animals (Rotta et al.