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Move carcasses from farm buildings to the composter.
Ground rubber has replaced reclaim in many tire applications including treads, carcasses, innerliners, sub-treads and bead components.
Bartley complains that the speeded-up system, reported to shuttle up to 90 chicken carcasses by per minute, makes it impossible to check properly for diseases like salmonella.
More than 359 companies engaged in the import of frozen beef whole and half carcasses to Russia during 2004.
At 24 h post-slaughter, the carcasses were weighed and evaluated by an official grader for back fat thickness and ribeye area.
Seventy five percent of carcasses were very old carcasses while 25 per cent were old.
Leachates derived from the decomposition of animal carcasses contain organic intermediates, volatile chemicals, and decomposing organisms [8].
Carcasses were subjectively evaluated using the visual method described by CEZAR & SOUSA (2007) to estimate their degree of conformation, fat cover, and perinephric-pelvic fat score.
Insects such as ants are able to opportunistically colonize vertebrate carcasses that show exudates and tissues in decomposition (Early & Goff, 1986; Campobasso, Marchetti, Introna, & Colonna, 2009).
The fatty acid composition of the samples from leg, shoulder, rib, and breast parts of cold carcasses after slaughtering were analyzed for total saturated fatty acid (SFA), unsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA), and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
M AIL T ODAY was the first to report about carcasses being dumped in open air on December 26, 2015.