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The scenes featuring the genuinely scary Carcer and Sam together were a particular highlight, including their very well choreographed final fight.
Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, Founder & CEO of New Frontier Financials; Randy Shipley, Founder & CEO of CannaFundr.
Tltese valuable tools play an important role in preparing students for college and carcer readiness.
15) "Vanne, ucellino, a quella mia nimica / Un fidel servo ch'in voi sola crede / Se 'l carcer ruppi, e fuor del mio costume / O mal guidato ocel disceso in terra / Io cerco solo amar la mia fenice" (Rossi 38).
personality-related carcer decision-making difficulties: A 3-year
Carcer City, a band who describe themselves as playing Scouse-metal, were playing a series of shows across Europe when the accident happened.
Ed ancora 'Tvo pensando, et nel penser m'assale/una pieta si forte di me stesso,/che mi conduce spesso/ad altro lagrimar ch'i' non soleva;/che', vedendo ogni giorno il fin piu presso,/millefiate o'chieste a Dio quell'ale/co le quai del mortal carcer nostro intelletto al ciel si leva;/ma infin a qui niente mi releva/ prego o sospiro o lagrimar ch' io faccia'(CCLXIV).
Qui contra fidem sanctorum patrum contendit dicens, quod Christus filius Dei descendens ad inferos omnes, quos inferni carcer etinuit, inde liberasset, credulos et incredulos, laudatores Dei simul et cultores idulorum.
Intellectual depth and curiosity, I think, would be the first characteristic, that type of God-given but rare combination that would move a person to learn Greek on his own and sneak into the carcer (the locked cabinet where the professors kept the more advanced theological works, those by Congar, Chenu, and deLubac) in search of answers both personal and institutional.
This produced a further noun, carcer -- prison -- the root of our word incarceration.
46) See for example 'per ritomar la donde venne for a,/l'immortal forma al tuo carcer terreno/venne com'angel di pieta si pieno che sana ogn'intelletto e I mondo onora' (In order to return to where it came from, the immortal form came down to your earthly prison like an angel so full of compassion that it heals every mind and honours the world) translated by J.