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The seven he needed was lying uppermost, the first card in the pack.
Go and play at your tiresome old cards, then, if you will.
she asked, looking again at the directions on the card.
Lady Janet looked at the card, and tossed it indignantly back to her nephew.
Sarah recognised the first card she had typewritten that afternoon.
We were no sooner done eating than Cluny brought out an old, thumbed, greasy pack of cards, such as you may find in a mean inn; and his eyes brightened in his face as he proposed that we should fall to playing.
Now, our friend the Colonel had a great aptitude for all games of chance: and exercising himself, as he continually did, with the cards, the dice- box, or the cue, it is natural to suppose that he attained a much greater skill in the use of these articles than men can possess who only occasionally handle them.
Sabin looked for, a moment at the drawing on the back of the menu card, and up at Felix.
Associating the clerk's idea with the line inscribed on the card in my hand, I thought it possible that the Moonstone might be at the bottom of Mr.
Presents are made to the Boffin servants, and bland strangers with business- cards meeting said servants in the street, offer hypothetical corruption.
You--you're a shuffler, sir,' gasped the furious doctor, 'a poltroon--a coward--a liar--a--a--will nothing induce you to give me your card, sir
Nell, they're--they're playing cards,' whispered the old man, suddenly interested.