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A certified copy of the certificate of the card index in the bank for the enterprise.
THERE seems to be encouragement for taking another chance on a low number of bookings in the Premier League by backing a card index make-up below 20 at 16-5 with Paddy Power in the fixture between Manchester United and West Brom.
Britons expect to spend only pounds 730 on credit cards over the next three months, down 30% from the pounds 1,036 they planned to spend in the fourth quarter of 2004, according to the latest figures from the Morgan Stanley Card Index.
The figures come from the Morgan Stanley Card Index, a spending survey by financial services firm Morgan Stanley.
Hollywood is a major influence on where Britons take their holidays, credit card company Morgan Stanley Card Index claims.
That's according to research findings from the Morgan Stanley Card Index, which have added a new dimension to the current consumer borrowing debate.
2) absence of arrears: a) for payment of taxes, fees (fees) and b) for payments to the budget in connection with non-fulfillment or improper performance of previously concluded contracts - documents on the economic and financial status of the participant (certificate from: a) tax inspection taxes and fees (duties) and b) the bank (no card index to the accounts) as of the state not earlier than the 1st day of the month preceding the day of submission of the offer;
BET on a card index make-up lower than 20 in the televised Premier League game between Everton and Tottenham at 13-5 with Paddy Power.