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Piles of cardboard boxes, such as milliners and dressmakers use in Europe, cumbered the corners; and by some means he had procured for himself the sort of furniture that might have come out of a respectable parlour in the East End of London --a horsehair sofa, arm-chairs of the same.
He emitted a faint moan from behind a pile of cardboard boxes on the table, which might have contained gloves or handkerchies or neckties.
To his right, beyond the toy-like jetties, he saw the green slopes framing the Petit Lac in all the marvellous banality of the picturesque made of painted cardboard, with the more distant stretch of water inanimate and shining like a piece of tin.
The clean cardboard colonnades had no more perspective than a Chinese bridge on a tea-cup, and appeared equally well calculated for use.
One Mrs Veneering and one Mr and Mrs Veneering requesting that additional honour, instantly do penance in white cardboard on the hall table.
The test is used to determine the behaviour of corrugated cardboard when exposed to direct mechanical hits.
With its unique physical consistency, its decidedly axial strength, and its deadening acoustic absorption, corrugated cardboard has many inherent qualities.
For example, a large cardboard box at the bottom of a pile of recovered paper may prevent adequately sized material from falling through the screen.
The Cardboard Box Book by Danny, Jake, and Niall Walsh Watson-Guptill Publications
Glue the flowers and the birdbath on cardboard cut to match their outlines.
Sheet mulching is a no till, no dig technique using combined layers of cardboard, newspaper, compost, leaves, grass clippings or raw manure that breaks down the grass and cardboard creating instant garden beds.
Slip the cardboard underneath the straws and position it directly under the piece of tape.