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The cardholder is presented with the card and a receipt and is provided immediate access to funds from the approved load transactions.
Not all MasterValues offers are valid during the entire June- through-August promotion period, so cardholders should check with participating merchants for complete details after June 1.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Fraud-Fighting Authentication Service Enables Consumers to Password Protect Their Visa Cards Ensuring Only the Cardholder Can Use the Number to Shop Online
Cardholders can purchase goods and services at participating merchants using their ATM card.
merchants to serve JCB cardholders traveling to the U.
ePassporte cardholders have the ability to perform peer-to-peer, business-to-business and business-to-peer transfers in real time over the Internet.
Visa cardholders will now have access to long distance service in their home countries or virtually anywhere they travel.
There is a nominal charge to cardholders for the directory to cover the cost of shipping and handling.
In the process, Visa cardholders will have greater convenience and flexibility.