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The accumulation of fibrosis in the heart has been proven to have a significant influence on the development of cardiac insufficiency among patients with chronic heart disease.
Although these patients suffer from respiratory distress caused by cardiac insufficiency, this symptom is common to many other conditions and diseases.
The authors asked practicing cardiologists what they regarded as the 10 leading medical advances of their lifetimes; the scientists named such advances as cardiac surgery, drug treatment of hypertension, and medical treatment of cardiac insufficiency.
The Cardiac Insufficiency Bisoprolol Study II, which Dr.
Wednesday's operation, involving some 20 doctors led by Nobuyoshi Shimizu, was delayed as the woman was also suffering from cardiac insufficiency and the density of carbon dioxide in her blood had risen.
Symptoms of cardiac insufficiency or anginal syndrome may be present even at rest.
Contract notice: University hospital wE-rzburg, new german centre for cardiac insufficiency - medium-voltage switchgear up to 36 kv.
SHEIKH NAZIM KIBRISy HOSPITALIZED: Ninety-one year-old well-known Islamic Scholar Sheikh Nazim Kybrysi was hospitalized due to respiratory and cardiac insufficiency at the Near East University (YDU) Hospital in Northern Cyprus.