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The Corsens Cardiac Monitor is intended to participate in the global cardiac monitoring and cardiac rhythm management devices market which is expected to reach USD 12.
On the basis of devices, cardiac rhythm management market is broadly segmented as:
We look forward to working with Sorin Group to design MR Conditional solutions for their cardiac rhythm management products that outperform anything currently on the market.
Market size for Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices categories - Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators, Implantable Loop Recorders and Pacemakers.
This feature means clinicians can go back in time to evaluate cardiac rhythms and identify the onsets and offsets of arrhythmias.
Annualized Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) market revenue, annual cost of disease and adoption pattern data from 2010-2012 and forecast for eight years to 2020.

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