cardinal feature

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Exacerbations cause frequent hospital admissions, relapses, and readmissions; contribute to death during hospitalization or shortly thereafter; reduce quality of life dramatically; consume financial resources; and hasten a progressive decline in pulmonary function, a cardinal feature of COPD," Dr.
The Cardinal feature 6-10 Dwight Powell and 6-11 Stefan Nastic, who combine to average 23.
A cardinal feature of Huntington's disease - a fatal genetic disease that typically affects patients in midlife and causes progressive death of specific areas of the brain - is the aggregation of mutant huntingtin protein in cells.
In addition to the cardinal feature of transverse limb defects and ACC, the minor associated anomalies should also be documented.
The makeover could very well begin with its name, which might be changed to Generalized Worry Disorder in recognition that excessive worry is the disorder's cardinal feature.
One of the authors, Prof Don Catlin, pictured, chief executive officer of the Anti-Doping Institute, said: "A cardinal feature of doping is that some athletes will experiment with any new substance.
Because growth retardation is a cardinal feature of FAS, in the first stage (screening), the weights, heights, and head circumferences of all children in first grade in selected schools were measured.
The major health concern in PWS is obesity, a cardinal feature.
Anthony Holden welcomes its luxuriant growth and makes the mythos the cardinal feature of his biography.
The book is most timely, iasmuch as a cardinal feature of U.
A cardinal feature of any democratic system is that the political opposition has the chance to become the governing party.
Without these cells being activated, infection did not cause airway hyperreactivity, the cardinal feature of asthma," Umetsu explained.