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CARDINAL, eccl. law. The title given to one of the highest dignitaries of the court of Rome. Cardinals are next to the pope in dignity; he is elected by them and out of their body. There are cardinal bishops, cardinal priests, and cardinal deacons. See Fleury, Hist. Eccles. liv. xxxv. n. 17, II. n. 19 Thomassin, part ii. liv. i. oh. 53, part iv. liv. i. c. 79, 80 Loiseau, Traite des Ordres, c. 3, n. 31; Andre, Droit Canon, au mot.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Yet among the greatest challenges the book presents--one that Chambers and the editors acknowledge--is obtaining a wider view that goes beyond the "case study." Through the chronological arrangement of the essays overarching issues come into focus, and the book is in this sense an important preview of how a broader study of the office in the early modern era might take shape, taking into consideration the less wealthy and famous Cardinals overlooked in previous scholarship, fully integrating art historical approaches with other methods (the combination of musicological and art historical studies is especially intriguing) and weighing the relevance of particularly visible personalities whose Cardinalates set new standards.
The horror provoked by the cardinalates and bishoprics that Sixtus IV [1471-84] showered on his licentious and bloodthirsty Riario nephews (six bishoprics to Pietro) was exceeded only (perhaps) by Alexander VPs favours to his son Cesare Borgia, Captain General of the papal armies" (Peterson 74).
A thematic examination of Gregory's legations also presents numerous important topics for the studies of the medieval cardinalate and their legatine activities.
Retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz said he expected Pope Benedict XVI to consider two Filipino bishops for the cardinalate in the next consistory.
Having bethrothed (but not yet married) his daughter Maddalena to Innocent VIII's son, Franceschetto Cibo, in February 1487, we now watch Lorenzo preparing the way for his young son Giovanni's cardinalate by the hunt for benefices: the abbey of Morimundi, "one of the beautiful benefices of Lombardy," "an opportunity" that Lorenzo did not want to lose, the abbey of Montecassino under Ferrante's patronage, and the abbey of Passignano in Tuscany, promised to Lorenzo's son in 1484 but still eluding his grasp.
It is not intended to be a detailed history of the cardinalate or the Church in Australia or a biography of Cardinal Pell or any of his Australian forerunner in the College of Cardinals.
Journet's elevation to the cardinalate in 1965 allowed him to give several speeches during the last sessions of Vatican II.
Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich, who was elevated to the cardinalate by Francis last November, said the pope is bringing the atmosphere of newness experienced during the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council back to the church.
Several years of bad weather preceding the Seconda oratione (1528) having spread famine through the countryside, Beolco took advantage of the celebration of the cardinalate of Francesco Cornaro, brother of Marco, to plead with him to help the peasants dying of hunger.
Interestingly, the Pope who summoned the Council, Paul III, was a relative of Pope Alexander who had raised him to the Cardinalate
His family ties brought him rapidly to a bishopric (1521), cardinalate (1527), and after his ordination (1556) nearly to the papacy (1559), but strained relations with the Farnese and the Habsburgs prevented it.