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In CCB overdose, cardiovascular collapse, heart block, bradyarrhythmia and hypotension, hyperglycemia, lactic acidosis, seizures, coma, and non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema and intestinal ischemia may occur (1,3, 9).
Histamine 1 blockers are used in the early phases of anaphylaxis, but once cardiovascular collapse occurs, their role is controversial.
Methamphetamine intoxication causes various systemic complications like sympathetic over activity, agitation, seizure, stroke, rhabdomyolysis and cardiovascular collapse. Acute cardiac complications of methamphetamine like chest pain, hypertension, arrhythmias, aortic dissection, acute coronary syndrome, cardiomyopathy, and sudden cardiac death have been reported (4,5).
In several cases this has caused cardiovascular collapse and death.
Alcohol withdrawal is a serious medical condition ranging from mild sweating and shakiness to life-threatening seizures and hypertension to at worst respiratory and cardiovascular collapse. Over time, excessive drinking places women and men at increased risk for many negative social outcomes, including child neglect and abuse, intimate partner violence, family problems, unemployment and lost productively.
If such medical attention is delayed, death may occur most commonly from cardiovascular collapse or airway obstruction.
There is no risk of anyphalaxis, cardiovascular collapse, hypothermia, hypoxic brain damage, or an embolism as typically associated with general anesthesia.
the instrument will be used to bridge the period of the heaviest of heart failure in the final solution for bridging or surgical intervention in patients at risk for cardiovascular collapse during exercise (catheter ablation of ventricular arrhythmias, risk pci).
During intra operative period, sudden onset of cardiovascular collapse and bronchospasm should raise the suspicion of anaphylactic reaction, particularly during surgery for hydatid cyst.
Bhatti S and Penna L study8 incidence of anaphylaxis was 2.7/100000 a serious rapid onset allergic reaction results in hypoxia due to bronchospasm cardiovascular collapse and possible coagulopathy.
(7) Another laboratory test useful in monitoring for cardiovascular collapse is B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP).

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