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The study examined four aspects that are important in the actions of moxibustion inhibition of sympathoexcitatory cardiovascular reflex responses.
Table 2 depicts the results of cardiovascular reflex tests in different groups.
The criteria suggested from these 2 conferences are that 2 or more of the following cardiovascular reflex tests should be abnormal: (1) deep breathing test, (2) Valsalva maneuver, (3) 30: 15 index, and (4) orthostatic hypotension.
Histamine in the posterodorsal medial amygdala modulates cardiovascular reflex responses in awake rats.
In another study, in which cardiovascular reflex pathways of ANS dysfunction was evaluated by HRV, it was found that HRV values in patients with FM were lower than those in the controls (26).
Q-Tc intervals were found to be significantly higher in patients with abnormal cardiovascular reflex (CVRs) in the 2nd examination (0.4 [+ or -] 0.04 vs 0.5 [+ or -] 0.05 sec, p=0.006).
Cardiovascular reflex tests in the natural history of diabetic autonomic neuropathy.
We conducted autonomic nerve function tests by using cardiovascular reflex tests described by Ewing and was accepted to occur if at least two tests were positive (14).
Cardiovascular reflex testing with Finapres: non-invasive beat to beat finger blood pressure responses to changes of posture compared to invasive measurements.
An adverse cardiovascular reflex with fainting might have been of selective value in learning to avoid previously encountered situations during which one's skin was punctured.

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