care nothing for

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They all care nothing for the population, insisting on inflation boosting council tax rises.
They care nothing for what happens to the unfortunate people who end up buying their goods.
The three main parties care nothing for England, let alone one part of it.
They care nothing for innocent people who have had their homes burnt out and some with their livelihoods destroyed.
Every day our proud and beautiful language is under attack from native speakers who care nothing for their precious cultural heritage.
Empty houses in East Ashington are being used as dumping grounds by some citizens who obviously care nothing for their environment.
He said: "The criminals involved in the transportation of smuggled fuel care nothing for the safety of other road users.
Admittedly there are still some around who care nothing for other people, but they are now in the minority.
This spokesman of steel must care nothing for the mundane and everyday.
They care nothing for those they have dealings with and certainly not for the areas they seek to destroy and then leave to return to their own sumptuous homes in leafy green belt countryside.
These terrorists care nothing for the peoples of the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan.
There are those who already smoke in banned areas, who plainly care nothing for the health and welfare of their fellow human beings.