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In the Greek world the carefreeness that was associated with lethe cannot only be seen in the mountain wilderness but was also closely tied to a river in the middle of the field of lethe, named amelys [carefree] (Heidegger, Parmenides 119).
All the kinds horses and all the kinds men might be able to put the pieces together again, but could they ever restore that precious American intrinsic - the feeling of safeness, carefreeness, and invincibility?
In actual performance these two hymns seem much nearer to us than does the liturgical music; the jauntiness and carefreeness of the music exert an inmediate appeal.
I have had the pleasure of hearing the poet read aloud, in his own voice, many of the poems that appear in this volume; they are marvelously dexterous, luscious pieces that contain within their fold the pleasures of mature sexuality, the carefreeness of post-marital post-separation bachelorhood, wit, irony, cynicism, fear, and allusions to new love.
However, the overall impression the reader is left with is of a free-wheeling, anarchic comedy that basks in its own carefreeness.
The carefreeness of the gods reinforces the defining care of the human realm.
A squandering--which is not an option for the will but rather an essential necessity ("not only the ability to share, but the imperative to share")--endangers the unity of the will because the will, which cannot be lost, must in squandering irretrievably lose itself ("the carefreeness as to what happens in squandering").