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As a very careful driver who has to obey these limits, I just wonder why when I travel along Hollybank Road B14, people overtake me and display a one finger sign
Power cuts caused by striking electricity company (EAC) workers trapped dozens in elevators on Tuesday, as police urged the public to be extra careful when approaching traffic lights that were out of order.
Be Careful Be careful what you say Be careful what you think We all do it everyday And it lands us in trouble It's been a great harvest The apples and pears Let's paint the stairs and doors Before the leaves fall off It's cost us a lot for holidays And some dreams fail The teenagers have the gadgets And the magic words It's their world now With sheep and cows The price of food has shot up And who will pay the bills It's still a wonderful world If you believe it And we all like a treat And beautiful feet The rain has stopped now And the shoeboxes are away All the words have been said So let's go to bed and dream About September and October KENNETH MOOD, Swalwell, Gateshead
Luke's Global City, her mother-in-law and her medical mentor converged at a palatial house in Victoria Valley, the site of a shoot for an episode of "Be Careful with My Heart," the teleserye.
IN REPLY to careful driver (Letters, June 14) regards parking of cars on Lamb Hall Road, Longwood.
No matter what country we call home or what language we speak, I Love You, Be Careful - a picture book that is also designed to be a gift book for adults and children alike - shares these word that follow us our entire lives.
Among these careful drivers, 69% say that they are most cautious about staying within the speed limit and maintaining a safe distance with other vehicles.
Global Banking News-February 9, 2011--UBS says it would be more careful in its investment banking business(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Being very careful place a sauce pan on a medium heat, add your double cream and gently simmer.
If you are simply looking for a ten- or 20-percent better trigger the drop-in kits could be your cookie, but always be careful in this area if you flunked geometry.
Erdogan Says Israel Should Be Very Careful When It Addresses Turkey
MOTORISTS are being warned to be extremely careful on the roads in the next few days as icy conditions head our way.