careful budgeting

See: prudence
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Nevertheless, careful budgeting and planning will help you keep on top of these expenses and see you happily moved into your new home in no time.
This much-anticipated filing is the culmination of a year's worth of planning and careful budgeting.
More importantly, their answers reveal that despite past Wells Fargo/Gallup research showing that 38% of nonretired investors fear they are not saving enough for retirement, the truth is many probably could be saving more with careful budgeting.
Even with careful budgeting many households can face difficulties making ends meet and this new app is designed to help those families access the help they need.
Capped fees give clients predictability, shift some downside risk to law firms, and require careful budgeting and analysis on the front end.
The system, in use in Canada, assumes a 'cautious' approach to treatments with careful budgeting while still achieving 'tangible benefits and quality outcomes' for patients.
AFTER some careful budgeting you have cash left over to spend on yourself.
But all this is only possible through very careful budgeting of the diminishing grant we receive from Westminster, which is set to get lower still.
The new playground area cost the school PS12,000 to erect, after years of fundraising and careful budgeting.
This week we're thinking about the weekly shop and how you could cut the cost with some careful budgeting.
However, with careful budgeting and tight financial controls, we have managed to match our revenue to our costs and record a pre-tax profit of PS1.
Rewards could come through wise investments, current savings and careful budgeting.