careful consideration

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But, writing as a Historian, he has identified himself(perhaps too closely) with the views generally adopted by Flatland, and (as he has been informed) even by Spaceland, Historians; in whose pages (until very recent times) the destinies of Women and of the masses of mankind have seldom been deemed worthy of mention and never of careful consideration.
Next came the question of provisioning and medicines, one which required the most careful consideration, for what we had to do was to avoid lumbering the wagon, and yet to take everything absolutely necessary.
After a careful consideration of these, and an elaborate estimate of his resources, he had come to the conclusion to select that sum which represented the amount with compound interest to two years, fifteen calendar months, and fourteen days, from that date.
The time passed at length, and the appointed day we so longed for arrived; and, all following out the arrangement and plan which, after careful consideration and many a long discussion, we had decided upon, we succeeded as fully as we could have wished; for on the Friday following the day upon which I spoke to Zoraida in the garden, the renegade anchored his vessel at nightfall almost opposite the spot where she was.
The question goes deep and should receive careful consideration.
My careful consideration of the statement made by yourself, and my knowledge of Lady Glyde's position, as defined in the settlement, lead me, I regret to say, to the conclusion that a loan of the trust money to Sir Percival (or, in other words, a loan of some portion of the twenty thousand pounds of Lady Glyde's fortune) is in contemplation, and that she is made a party to the deed, in order to secure her approval of a flagrant breach of trust, and to have her signature produced against her if she should complain hereafter.
Cases dealt with by the Health and Safety Division are often complex and require full and careful consideration of technical evidence which can take some time.
1 : to form an opinion after careful consideration <I judged the distance badly.
Located on 19th Street between the High Line and the Hudson River, 520 West Chelsea was created by Selldorf Architects with the same careful consideration the firm gives to its individual residence clients.
The OMB has taken a different approach with the Supplement this year that will require careful consideration by auditors.
PPMTA's unusual number of community outreach and advocacy projects reflects careful consideration of a variety of service projects, including scholarships, support of a children's listening program on a local radio station, donations to a children's chorale, work with a juvenile justice network to take music to at-risk children and various community contacts to help people become aware of PPMTA's presence in the community.
Hampshire College's commitment to sustainability includes careful consideration of how decisions can be beneficial to both the campus community and to our surrounding community," says President Gregory Prince.