careful management

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The whole situation needed the most careful management lest it should degenerate into some degrading and disturbing exhibition such as the scene, which he could never think of without shame, upon the heath among the dead leaves.
Through collaboration with realtors to build long-term relationships and careful management of our aggressive growth, we are committed to increasing profitability and delivering superior returns to our shareholders.
Managing exit and re-entry for smokers will need careful management.
Mr Roche said careful management of waste would protect the environment and promote development.
Careful management of manures and targeted use of chemical fertilisers can reduce farm costs and pollution.
The Control of Asbestos in Workplaces Regulations 2002 came into force last week and requires the careful management of all asbestos containing material.
Now, along with the wildlife, birds, insects and plants, the present and future residents of Bourton will be able to benefit from our careful management of the site," he said.
With the programs we have in place, we anticipate that as many as two-thirds of the estimated 750 positions within our existing company that may eliminated over the next year can be resolved through normal attrition and careful management of human resources," Woods said.
The company has termed sites where this microbial conversion of hydrocarbon deposits (coals, organic shales, or oil) to methane occurs "Geobioreactors(TM)," and believes the careful management of such sites may offer a new long-term solution to U.
Without careful management, the moorland landscape that is valued so highly will change, arguably for the worse.
For rare species like the Pearl-bordered Fritillary, the habitat where they breed needs careful management if they are to flourish again.
THE Professional Footballers' Association yesterday praised Everton's handling of 16-year-old striker Wayne Rooney, claiming that the player's careful management and education had left David Moyes with a ``phenomenon'' on his hands.