careful management

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The whole situation needed the most careful management lest it should degenerate into some degrading and disturbing exhibition such as the scene, which he could never think of without shame, upon the heath among the dead leaves.
Approved management methods include controlling areas of scrub, trees and bracken, cutting and burning heather to prompt regrowth and careful management of wetlands and wood pasture habitats.
'We find it unbelievable that anyone or group will ignore these administrative best practices geared at increasing the public trust of NASSCORP through careful management of pensioners' money.
Kevin Helmick, President and CEO, stated, "As a result of 9% loan growth over the past twelve months, 11% increase in noninterest income, careful management of our noninterest expenses and continued strong asset quality, we are pleased to report a 6% increase in net income compared to the same quarter one year ago.
Joseph said, "The increase in consolidated operating profit was driven by careful management of operating expenses and positive contributions from fees and other income.
Our priority is just the letting and careful management of our landlords properties.
Colin Smith, head of the judging panel, said: "Judges commended the project team's careful management of the environment, sustainability and local resources, particularly water, and the building's innovative design.
An RAF spokesman said: "Modern military aircraft are highly complex machines that require careful management and maintenance."
This is not Boracay, however, and there must be careful management of expectations.
The HYEFU forecasts show continued careful management of the Governments books on behalf of all New Zealanders, and that the Budget Responsibility Rules are being met, Grant Robertson said.
That said, potentially higher Tier 1 buffers following the review could require careful management of growth.
The problem first surfaced at the back end of last season although careful management of the issue allowed him to travel with the England Lions squad to Australia, where the lefthander was suspended and given a final written warning about his conduct following pouring a drink over Test star James Anderson in an incident in a Perth bar in December.