careful methods

See: strategy
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Philosophy, for example, uses careful methods that appeal to both empirical evidence and rational coherence in seeking truth.
From 1500, gentlemen farmers cultivated new interest in their estates, encouraged by a fashion for following classical authors urging careful methods and wise supervision.
Reading the book, I was impressed by the careful methods and discussion of the problems of sound change.
The Greek verb means "try to find out by use of careful methods, which may include personal inquiry, scrutinize, examine, inquire" (BDAG, 349).
But given the poll's careful methods and wide scope, they agree it raises warning flags for American policy makers.
But despite the careful methods, the study had a noteworthy limitation.
Swartz of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston lauds the team's careful methods but cautions that the results might stem not from stress-induced effects on immunity, but rather from prior behaviors--such as sleep problems and alcohol use--that can undermine immunity and that often do not show up in brief responses to questionnaires.