careful scrutiny

See: inspection
References in classic literature ?
Brought face to face for the first time with the daughter of his supposed murderer, it was natural that John Harmon should have his own secret reasons for a careful scrutiny of her countenance and manner.
'These proposals merit careful scrutiny which can be done in the legislative process,' he said.
The team received praise for excellent outcomes, highly optimised processes of care, careful scrutiny of patient safety and outstanding leadership.
figure By EDITORIAL The flurry of petitions against Supreme Court judges point to a far bigger challenge confronting the Judiciary and require careful scrutiny. There may be legitimate concerns about the performance of some judges, which justifies tough decisions.
But case law has frowned on sudden bursts of speed and there should be careful scrutiny of the situation.
NAB after careful scrutiny of complaints authorized 1713 complaint verifications, 877 inquiries and 227 investigations besides recovering more than Rs.
The members of the ICWW selected the names of children after detailed discussion and careful scrutiny of the cases.
By resigning, she may yet be preparing to inspire more Malaysians to put their candidates to better and careful scrutiny.
A major contributor to this surge in the declaration is the support granted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) after careful scrutiny of the clauses of the scheme and facilitating the institutions to promote it and somewhat guarantee its adoption by the bureau.
However, one of the proposals of LaPierre's own NRA bears careful scrutiny itself when it comes to the issue of due process.
Todays order by the President was clearly rushed and not afforded the careful scrutiny and consideration thats absolutely needed.
Our small number of AMs cannot cope with careful scrutiny of detailed draft legislation and the increased workload as more powers are slowly transferred to Wales.