careful scrutiny

See: inspection
References in classic literature ?
Brought face to face for the first time with the daughter of his supposed murderer, it was natural that John Harmon should have his own secret reasons for a careful scrutiny of her countenance and manner.
Todays order by the President was clearly rushed and not afforded the careful scrutiny and consideration thats absolutely needed.
Our small number of AMs cannot cope with careful scrutiny of detailed draft legislation and the increased workload as more powers are slowly transferred to Wales.
The members of the ICWW selected the names of children after detailed discussion and careful scrutiny of the cases.
After careful scrutiny of the facts and evidence on record, we find that probable cause exists to charge respondents with violation of Sections 74 and 75, in relation to Section 144 of the Corporation Code," read the resolution signed by Justice Undersecretary Deo Marco dated December 4.
PAGCOR said in a separate statement that it had decided to lift the suspension order 'after careful scrutiny and deliberations.
Upon careful scrutiny of the 25 negative trials that were published, 10 were misleadingly reported as positive studies.
Maulik Bharat Trust, an NGO working on corruption issues, has written to the CVC and finance ministry alleging that a careful scrutiny of GeM has revealed that rules and provisions are not being followed in the procurement of goods, resulting Verification system not credible
Portrait' offers an object lesson on the careful scrutiny of a painting, blending observation and impression with precision, and there is a wonderful pastiche of Elizabeth Barrett Browning in 'How Shall I Lie to You?
A more careful scrutiny of Assange's words, however, shows that it's misleading to say Hillary armed jihadists and Daesh (ISIS) directly.
After careful scrutiny of the merits of submissions by international and local panel of reviewers, 49 papers are accepted for publications into ICICT.
I would suggest any such parking strategy needs careful scrutiny before decisions are made.