careful search

References in classic literature ?
He confined his attentions to a careful search for the pouch, but nowhere upon or about the corpse was any sign of the missing article or its contents.
"Yes; but by careful search it might be recovered."
Ribby--having assured herself by careful search that there was really no one hiding in the cupboard or in the larder--went upstairs to change her dress.
To begin at the beginning, it turned out that the first act of the officers, on their release from the workroom in the red-brick house, was to institute a careful search for papers in the doctor's study and bedroom.
A most careful search had failed to discover it in the room.
A careful search soon brought to light the hidden spring.
After a careful search and assistance from AP, Scott-Railton realized that he, too, was being targeted.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the national police will also conduct a careful search at the residence of the Saudi consul in Istanbul.
The new relationship was the result of a thorough evaluation and a careful search process for a partner who would support Elios Financials' growth goals and align with their fiduciary RIA business model.
The careful search for other actors/actresses is still ongoing.
A careful search of the attic would be a good first step.
'After a careful search of the villages attacked in the district, it was discovered that 86 persons all together were killed and six severely injured