careful search

References in classic literature ?
He confined his attentions to a careful search for the pouch, but nowhere upon or about the corpse was any sign of the missing article or its contents.
Ribby--having assured herself by careful search that there was really no one hiding in the cupboard or in the larder--went upstairs to change her dress.
To begin at the beginning, it turned out that the first act of the officers, on their release from the workroom in the red-brick house, was to institute a careful search for papers in the doctor's study and bedroom.
A most careful search had failed to discover it in the room.
A careful search soon brought to light the hidden spring.
In the essays from the biblical-theological perspective, of particular note are Judith Gundry's exegesis of 1 Corinthians 7:32-34, which neatly removes "anxiety" from its interpretation and correctly replaces it with "concern"; and Roy Kotansky's careful search for, and reconstruction of, the core of the earliest resurrection account at the tomb.
The sale would be a result of an intense and careful search for a suitable buyer by KPI, after a reevaluation of its strategy for the KP Europoort refinery, the statement added.
But when the spider's bundle of babies goes missing, only a slow and careful search performed by someone like Goo can find them
The former Arsenal and France midfielder is understood to be one of the candidates Newcastle spoke to at the weekend as they continue their careful search for a new head coach.
The city said Rodriguez was hired after a careful search and interview process.
We have confidence in Don and his current management team, the strategy we have crafted together and in our ability to conduct a thorough and careful search to identify the right person who will continue to drive growth and shareholder-value creation well into the future.
Teasing out the details of stories of identity requires careful search and careful listening to all the parties involved, both the dead and the living.