carefully considered

See: deliberate
References in classic literature ?
Having carefully considered the subject of the above discourses, and wondering within myself whether the present times were propitious to a new prince, and whether there were elements that would give an opportunity to a wise and virtuous one to introduce a new order of things which would do honour to him and good to the people of this country, it appears to me that so many things concur to favour a new prince that I never knew a time more fit than the present.
Having carefully considered everything, I am writing now with the object of fulfilling that promise.
All these things, then, will have to be carefully considered by us; and if only those whom we introduce to this vast system of education and training are sound in body and mind, justice herself will have nothing to say against us, and we shall be the saviours of the constitution and of the State; but, if our pupils are men of another stamp, the reverse will happen, and we shall pour a still greater flood of ridicule on philosophy than she has to endure at present.
His relations with the former court, of which he always spoke with dignity and respect, made him respected by the new one, and he knew so many things, that not only was he always carefully considered, but sometimes consulted.
Nevertheless, they both deserve to be carefully considered.
From her earliest childhood she had been accustomed to see shillings and sixpences carefully considered before they were parted with.
He had to condense into one day the carefully considered movements of two weeks, and to the best of his ability he did so.
Greenwich Hospital carefully considered several space alternatives in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.
The Board has carefully considered Associated's lending record and HMDA data in light of public comment about its record of lending to minorities and in predominantly minority communities.
For me, this is a definitive piece, something Kinsey has deserved for a long time--an exhaustively researched and carefully considered examina-tion of a very complex debate.
All claims for asylum are carefully considered by skilled caseworkers and evidence of torture is taken seriously.