carefully weighed

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The crop of English hay is carefully weighed, the moisture calculated, the silicates and the potash; but in all dells and pond-holes in the woods and pastures and swamps grows a rich and various crop only unreaped by man.
In lyric, original narrative, and dramatic poetry he accomplished very little, though the success of his 'Elegy on an Unfortunate Lady' and 'Eloisa to Abelard' must be carefully weighed in this connection.
'You think me of no more value than the dirt under your feet,' said Bradley to Eugene, speaking in a carefully weighed and measured tone, or he could not have spoken at all.
In case of conflicting opinions, all aspects are carefully weighed until the majority reaches a consensus.
She said: 'To arrive at our recommendation, the Committee carefully weighed the demand of the Nigerian workers which was predicated on the high cost of living occasioned by unfavourable exchange rate and rising inflation over the past few years, among other factors.
Any further ambition will need to be carefully weighed against the impact it will have on Kiwi families and the economy.
'The President has carefully weighed both sides to solve the SSS impasse and he has already made a decision,' Andanar said in a statement.
She added: "However, the risk of not treating fever or pain during pregnancy should be carefully weighed against any potential harm of acetaminophen."
We received reports of bomb scares on a daily basis and carefully weighed each one for credence before running the story.
beer drinkers, must be carefully weighed and scrutinized by antitrust authorities."
Central Bank governor, Mugur Isarescu, said that any future rate moves would be carefully weighed, suggesting that the bank could keep rates on hold at its next meeting on November 4.
The human and strategic cost must be carefully weighed, as some enterprises are vital for national security while others are critical for providing employment, she stressed.