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Henry looked about with great carefulness and shook his head.
About a week after you had gone away ma'am," she said, with extreme severity of manner, and with excessive carefulness in her choice of words, "the Person you mention had the impudence to send a letter to you.
He made a patent-medicine almanac into a roll and fitted it with unprofitable carefulness about his finger.
Chunk," said he, "it is of drugs of that nature that pharmaceutists must have much carefulness.
Yolland produced out of her pocket, a few shillings and sixpences, and counted them out with a most particular and exasperating carefulness in the palm of her hand.
All here,' said Double, tying up his throat with sleepy carefulness in a shawl.
He read the letter to the last word, folded it again with all the carefulness and precision of a man of business, and, just when Mr.
That's true," Raskolnikov answered with special carefulness.
The test also measures carefulness, sensation seeking, conscientiousness, and dependability to identify applicants who work more safely and have fewer accidents, whether they involve injuries, property damage, or both.
Ferdowsi, with attention and carefulness in poetry, could flow the meaning to the mind and create a clear and worldly picture of the issue in the mind of the reader.
Evaluating the estimated sediment through the EPM exprimental model and comparing it with the estimated annual sediment of the outer station of the basin through the statistical test clarified the reliability of the model carefulness.
This helps expose your child to the importance of receiving correct change, carefulness with money and discipline with spending.