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The parents or whoever is assuming the caregiver role grieves for the healthy child who "was", while making the adjustment to the chronically ill child who "is" and will continue to be.
Immediate family members most often take on the informal caregiver role.
However, in assuming the primary caregiver role, family members often have minimal understanding of the person's diagnosis, treatment regime or future care needs.
Specifically, Johnston provided an example of caregiver role trivialization:
Applying this theory to caregiver marriage, one could assert that the demands inherent in the caregiver role and role of spouse (in addition to other roles such as parent and career person) could exceed the resources or capabilities of the couple, resulting in feelings of stress.
Alzheimer's has changed the routine and the nature of the Georges' marriage, as Colleen has moved into the caregiver role and Jim into the one cared for.
Many women seek counseling related to interpersonal relationship needs, and many of these women place their spouse's needs ahead of their own (Eichenbaum & Orback, 1983), often experiencing stress from the demands of the caregiver role, especially at the expense of personal fulfillment (Nelson, 1996).
She stopped everything to care for her mother and assumed the caregiver role in the domestic sphere.
The present study was conducted to determine the best predictors of caregiver depression at onset of the caregiver role among persons providing care to stroke survivors.
adding formal services or passing on the primary caregiver role to more able members of the family) and the role other chronic health conditions play in the complexity of informal caregiving - and the potential benefit of case management to this role.