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| A 41-year-old woman is to face trial on a charge of driving carelessly in Moffat by reversing and striking a pedestrian.
Earlier this year, fire investigators concluded a "carelessly discarded cigarette" was also most likely to have caused a blaze on Erw Las in Bethesda, which killed taxi driver Mike Beeby (pictured above).
The spokesperson said: "The cause of the fire was accidental - a carelessly discarded incense burner.
'Despite our warnings, people still walk with earpiece, trading and some driving carelessly on rail tracks knowing very well that trains have the right of way on the tracks,'' the district manager said.
The Manchester City forward seized on team-mate Marcos Rojo's wayward shot, controlling the off-target effort inside the penalty area before sending a fierce shot into the net.Argentina's opener arrived after a glaring miss at the other end, the late-arriving Birkir Bjarnason carelessly pushing a side-footed effort wide of the target when the ball had broken kindly into his path.
Vanessa Marsh was sat inside Honolulu Airport in Hawaii when she recorded a baggage handler grabbing suitcases from a plane before carelessly throwing them onto a plastic ramp.
Many young and innocent people lost their lives and suffered severe injuries because they were hit by carelessly driven vehicles.
Motorists drive carelessly and have contributed in disturbing the peace of the whole city.
In a prosecution at the Paisley Sheriff Court, it is claimed that he drove carelessly and without consideration for other road users and failed to keep the vehicle under proper control.
However, a number of people have said there have been problems with drivers cutting across lanes and driving carelessly.
He said that careless driving, joining highways carelessly, lane violation, taking U-turn carelessly, over-speeding, careless road crossing, mechanical fitness, dozing at wheels, wrong overtaking, failure to keep safe distance, sharp cut, slippery roads, one-way violations and foggy weather were common reasons of accidents.
Summary: London [UK], January 2 (ANI): Various studies in the past have shown that drinking alcohol carelessly can give many