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I disregarded the appeal, and, carelessly leaning back in my chair, glancing from time to time with a NONCHALANT air out of the window, I dictated a little faster.
At this reply uttered carelessly by the captain, like a stray stone, whose fall one does not even watch, Colombe began to laugh, as well as Diane, Amelotte, and Fleur-de-Lys, into whose eyes at the same time a tear started.
he asked carelessly, as though he never drank anything else.
The boy went, and re-appeared five minutes afterwards, struggling with an antediluvian chunk of wood, that looked as though it had been recently dug out of somewhere, and dug out carelessly, so as to have been unnecessarily damaged in the process.
asked Telyanin, getting up and looking carelessly about him.
I shall probably take off her socks," I said carelessly to this.
You seem to hang on pretty well," Trent remarked carelessly.
I am as sure that it is right," the other replied grimly, "as I am that to-night you and I my young friend, are going to play with our lives a little more carelessly than with this china ball.
The leather grip he had brought into the room he dropped carelessly beside him on the floor
When he heard such words dropping carelessly from the lips of the members of this marvellous family, her family, he thrilled with delight.
Dag Daughtry stood up and turned carelessly along the beach.
I'm Dorothy; and this is my friend Shaggy Man, who owns the Love Magnet; and this is Button-Bright--only you don't see him as he really is because the Fox-King carelessly changed his head into a fox head.