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nuttalli and other gastrointestinal parasites in animal caretakers in 5 zoos in Belgium and the Netherlands.
That's when a livelihood opportunity starts for a group of people called "cemetery caretakers.
Senator Hasil Bizanjo of National Party said ideally we should aspire for the political maturity and democratic development to the extent where we don't even need the caretakers and have trust in the existing institutions to conduct free and fair elections.
He concluded by demanding that the Caretakers should focus solely on their mandate and resist overstepping their mandate.
Although the upcoming elected government would be responsible to handle issues related to the annual budget, pre-budget conditions seem hostile and will definitely have to be faced by the caretakers.
VP Machar during the same occasion congratulated the caretaker ministers, saying it was an honor to them in maintaining their positions as caretakers.
South Birmingham College is helping Birmingham City Council save cash with a training scheme for neighbourhood caretakers.
A number of our readers, both property caretakers and landowners, have contacted us about your GRIT article, "Who'll Watch the Farm" (March April).
School caretakers who claim they are being treated as 'second-class' employees have put plans to vote on a strike ballot on hold - for the time being.
Their primary caretakers were interviewed in order to investigate the factors within their homes that aided academic achievement.
Kevin Gregan said his 46-year-old wife Patricia had left the matrimonial home and was staying with the caretaker of Harborne Junior and Infants School and his wife at their accommodation at the Caretakers' House in Station Road.
REFERRING to your recent article on the cessation of duties by our neighbourhood caretakers, it is not generally known that the community caretakers came into being some two years ago.