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She stops in the middle of a leading article and looks with a careworn face at the happy cat.
Edmunds"; and sometimes, when she stopped to exchange a few words with a neighbour at the conclusion of the service in the little row of elm-trees which leads to the church porch, or lingered behind to gaze with a mother's pride and fondness upon her healthy boy, as he sported before her with some little companions, her careworn face would lighten up with an expression of heartfelt gratitude; and she would look, if not cheerful and happy, at least tranquil and contented.
The countenance of Hawkeye was haggard and careworn, and his air dejected, as though he felt the deepest degradation at having fallen into the power of his enemies.
Miss Miller was more ordinary; ruddy in complexion, though of a careworn countenance; hurried in gait and action, like one who had always a multiplicity of tasks on hand: she looked, indeed, what I afterwards found she really was, an under-teacher.
and as the old man slowly pronounced those words, an air of profound resignation spread itself over his careworn countenance.
Beneath the castle are some woods, a small and careworn church, hamlet and a solitary figure guiding a plough pulled by two horses.
0844 871 3011 Son Little The New York Times described Son Little's soulful singing as ''so careworn it's almost otherworldly" while Culturefly called the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and producer "an Otis Redding for the 21st century".
Jennings' unbeaten 34 was a relief after three runs in his last three innings, but Anderson reports the opener has not appeared careworn.
Through the support of her careworn mother, introverted father, and fiery best friend (the girls patch up their relationship), Shabnam learns the importance of staying true to herself.
Five of Jennings' six hundreds have come at Emirates Riverside, underlining the improvement in pitches, and this third-day surface had the visitors looking careworn by lunchtime.
Lee agrees: Jose embodies the careworn yet resilient matriarch with naturalistic grace [while her screen husband] Julio Diaz is [an] effective foil.
It must be that careworn expression the comedian, actor and science geek wears so well.