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held out the same rough dowry, promised his careworn kingdom,
When they took their original images, the statues around town and in the Happy Valley park area were somewhat careworn.
Slightly more careworn than when they burst on to the scene 20 years ago, at the premiere of Hugh's most famous film, Four Weddings and a Funeral - when Liz wore that dress - the pair remain close.
Careworn, skeletally-staffed and under-equipped: that was Zithulele Hospital, snagged in a dusty web of rutted roads atop a coastal hill near Coffee Bay, 99 km from Mthatha, eight years ago.
It's an interesting face, younger and fuller than we have been used to seeing, less careworn, and with the hint of a smile," said Phil Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society.
Displayed alongside Soft City Animation, 2010, ensconced in thick black display cases, were the 154 careworn pages of Pushwagner's epic 1969-75 graphic novel of the same name, from which the film was adapted.
Nodding her head as she read this and that, I studied her careworn face as I patiently sat.
Taking to a stage adorned with a careworn assortment of bric-a-brac including a vintage radio, floor lamp, battered trunks and tea lights, the eye-catching space wore the appearance of a 1930s Tennessee living room as if dressed by O Brother Where Art Thou-period Coen Brothers.
It is exactly a year since Mr Miliband picked up the Labour reins from a battered, careworn and weary Gordon Brown.
Whether it's a careworn family troop transporter, or something a little more special, the highly trained technicians will talk you through the service schedule and quote you an accurate figure to complete the work.
A picture entitled Black Country Woman shows a careworn figure in an overall with a viscous black liquid covering her hands.
A loving but careworn mother (Alfre Woodard) struggles to make ends meet and make a home for her unemployed husband and their five children.