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Firstly, in the Pyrenean zone nonrealistic human outlines are more prominent, especially in images of Caricatural Figurative and Bestialised Figurative type, for example at Isturitz (Figure 6f) and Massat (Figure 6g).
That seems an inside joke about monasticism by a Lutheran, akin to a little caricatural monk on the border--like Schapiro's beloved medieval manuscript marginalia--of one of his artworld cartoons in 1946.
Le partage durci et caricatural entre Sepharades devots et Ashkenazes laiques a servi pour camper sur ces positions et se confronter.
The Caricatural Attack against Emile Zola," Art Journal, 52:3, (Autumn 1993), pp.
A deformacao caricatural aponta para o monstruoso do mundo, que sufoca a autenticidade, o homem na sua essencia pura e livre.
Each opera/fatica inscribes its individual deformation on Cola's body, making it a caricatural register of the esistenza mediocre that Giorgio despises.
94) Bien sur, il serait caricatural de se representer l'enfermement en question comme absolu ou inevitable ; mais l'idee de Piaget est qu'il subsiste toujours un egocentrisme residuel expliquant que la conscience de soi-meme et la conscience du point de vue de l'autre demeure a conquerir au moins jusqu' a l'adolescence, et potentiellement de facon constante audela.
Deanna Petherbridge, a former Getty Scholar, will discuss some fascinating aspects of caricatural drawings relating to her newly published book The Primacy of Drawing: Histories and Theories of Practice.
A estes, Souriau (1993) intercalou mais 12 categorias menores, obtendo um quadro de estacoes complementares--o nobre, o grandioso, o espiritual, o pitoresco, o gracioso, o lirico, o heroico, o pirrico, o melodramatico, o caricatural, o satirico, o elegiaco.
No caso da imagem caricatural de Lula, ha tres elementos que se sobressaem: o chapeu de couro, a peixeira e a expressao raivosa.
3) In keeping with this conviction, Klee integrated the Cubist language of form into his depictions of the landscape in particular, while eschewing it for his figures, and commented on the Cubist process of 'conversion' in a number of caricatural apercus.
A versao caricatural da capoeira, de Speto, pode ser vista nao so como contraponto ludico as favelas do Brasil, reais e cinematograficas, mas a ameaca de violencia associada a jovens negros em Londres tambem.