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Liberality in the matter of liquor and small loans, reconciled a large proportion of the objectors to their fate; the sulky minority I treated with contempt, and scourged avengingly with the smart lash of caricature.
The little matter of the caricature we will settle on a future occasion.
To-morrow, with your kind permission, we will finally settle the adjourned question of the caricature.
I have already stated, among the other branches of human attainment which I acquired at the public school, that I learned to draw caricatures of the masters who were so obliging as to educate me.
Whether my medical friend's admiration of my satirical sketches led him into talking about them in public with too little reserve; or whether the servants at home found private means of watching me in my moments of Art-study, I know not: but that some one betrayed me, and that the discovery of my illicit manufacture of caricatures was actually communicated even to the grandmotherly head and fount of the family honor, is a most certain and lamentable matter of fact.
You can make the caricature or not, and you can be under-head-clerk or not,--as you please.
I could make a fine caricature of them in the shapes of fishes,--dorys, flounders, sharks, and snappers, all dancing a saraband
I'm off to see the proof of my caricature," said Bixiou; "but I should like to study the state of things in Rabourdin's salon to- night.
Art thou not thyself the coffin full of many-hued malices and angel- caricatures of life?
On the sidelines of his visit, the Minister met with a number of caricaturists and held an open discussion with them where he was informed about their opinions on the advancement of the art of caricature given its influence on society.
El Adl was the first caricaturist in the Arab world to create a caricature book that portrays women's issues.
Summary: Defendant also fined Dh5,000 for sharing caricature mocking Islam and Prophet