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The doctor, ordinarily the most mellifluous and self-possessed of men, flew into a violent, roaring, cursing passion, on this occasion--declared that I was imperiling the honor and standing of the family--insisted on my never drawing another caricature, either for public or private purposes, as long as I lived; and ordered me to go forthwith and ask pardon of Lady Malkinshaw in the humblest terms that it was possible to select.
Liberality in the matter of liquor and small loans, reconciled a large proportion of the objectors to their fate; the sulky minority I treated with contempt, and scourged avengingly with the smart lash of caricature.
The little matter of the caricature we will settle on a future occasion.
To-morrow, with your kind permission, we will finally settle the adjourned question of the caricature.
You can make the caricature or not, and you can be under-head-clerk or not,--as you please.
I could make a fine caricature of them in the shapes of fishes,--dorys, flounders, sharks, and snappers, all dancing a saraband
I'm off to see the proof of my caricature," said Bixiou; "but I should like to study the state of things in Rabourdin's salon to- night.
One of his great elements of strength is his sense of humor, which has created an almost unlimited number of delightful scenes and characters; but it very generally becomes riotous and so ends in sheer farce and caricature, as the names of many of the characters suggest at the outset.
If we attempted to harmonize or to combine them, we should make out of them, not a system, but the caricature of a system.
For many years, the field of the caricatures was limited to men, but in the last 11 years, Doaa El Adl proved that women could break the barrier of the male-dominated field, becoming one of the most influential women around the world because of her caricatures, according to the BBC's selection in 2016.
Speaking to ANI, cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, sometimes referred to as India's most wanted cartoonist for his tryst with the jail over his controversial caricatures, criticised the arrest, stating that the country had lost its freedom of speech and expression.
During a discussion panel, he was asked to draw some caricatures for children, for instance, one for autism patients.