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He looked very much like those verger-beadle-bell- ringing-grave-digging-parish-clerks who are taken to be caricatures until we see them performing their various functions.
So in spite of the fact that they are all caricatures it is the persons of the Pickwick club that we remember and not their doings.
We should consider whether he makes them (1) merely caricatures, or (2) type characters, standing for certain general traits of human nature but not convincingly real or especially significant persons, or (3) genuine individuals with all the inconsistencies and half-revealed tendencies that in actual life belong to real personality.
He felt Paris as a whole, from the grotesques on the Gothic churches to the gross caricatures in the newspapers.
And a thousand caricatures of children, angels, owls, fools, and child- sized butterflies laughed and mocked, and roared at me.
Miss Sharp's accounts of his employment at Queen's Crawley were not caricatures.
Rude caricatures were scrawled on it already, and the village children were fighting and shouting for the possession of the best peep-hole to see through.
These things done and over, he got upon his stool again and tried his hand at drawing caricatures of Miss Brass with a pen and ink, whistling very cheerfully all the time.
I conclude these remarks by copying the following portrait of the religion of the south, (which is, by communion and fellowship, the religion of the north,) which I soberly affirm is "true to the life," and without caricature or the slightest exaggeration.
John Dashwood was a strong caricature of himself;-- more narrow-minded and selfish.
And then, as the idea came home to him, he resorted to caricature.
His prophecy, I remember, appeared in November or December, 1893, in a long-defunct publica- tion, the PALL MALL BUDGET, and I recall a caricature of it in a pre-Martian periodical called PUNCH.