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The cartoon characters will be meeting their fans between 6pm and 10pm and there will be a nominal charge to enter the Play Area, while the caricaturist and silhouette artist will be creating their special mementos free of charge.
There will be lots to keep the children entertained including caricaturists, sand painting, puppet shows and magic.
In Iranian society today, the pre-revolutionary artist Derambakhsh is (again) present and widely known as a caricaturist, whereas Mohassess seems to have been forgotten especially among the younger post-revolutionary generations.
That means that caricaturist does really difficult work that requires precision even if the caricature is meant to denote some kind of exaggeration.
Digital caricaturist George is also one of the best in his field to come from the UK.
The prize also honors two Syrians who are part of the current uprising in Syria: Zeitouneh, a 34-year-old lawyer leading the groups coordinating the revolt against Presidnet Bashar Al-Assad, and Farzat, a caricaturist who was badly beaten in August.
The centre's fun activities resume from 11am to 4pm next Friday and Saturday with a professional caricaturist and the Llwydcoed Band.
Featuring Over 100 Lots from the Townhouse and Studio of the Late Caricaturist
The Egyptian revolution is inspiring," renowned Egyptian caricaturist Ahmed Toghan told The Egyptian Gazette at the Cairo Atelier, where his latest exhibition is being held.
Famous Syrian caricaturist Ali Farazat recently told the media he would compile a list of artists who refused to join demonstrations because they were waiting to see which side would come out ahead before taking sides.
He pointed out that the talk had turned on issues pertaining to human rights and torture, expressing his country's will to repatriate a Tunisian detained in Denmark "for having attempted on the life of a Danish caricaturist," following publication of drawings hostile to Islam.
Grandville and the Missouri album; the life of an opposition caricaturist and romantic book illustrator in Paris under the July monarchy.