carnal knowledge

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Carnal Knowledge

Copulation; the act of a man having sexual relations with a woman.

Penetration is an essential element of sexual intercourse, and there is carnal knowledge if even the slightest penetration of the female by the male organ takes place. It is not required that the hymen be ruptured or the vagina entered.

carnal knowledge

n. from Latin carnalis for "fleshly:" sexual intercourse between a male and female in which there is at least some slight penetration of the woman's vagina by the man's penis. It is legally significant in that it is a necessary legal characteristic or element of rape, child molestation, or consensual sexual relations with a girl below the age of consent ("statutory rape"). Age of consent varies from 14 to 18, depending upon the state.

carnal knowledge

sexual intercourse. Originally used in English law and now found in the USA, the phrase sometimes denotes an offence in itself or maybe part of a wider definition.

CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, crim. law. This phrase is used to signify a sexual connexion; as, rape is the carnal knowledge of a woman, &c. See Rape.

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2006), litigated the application of MRE 412 to sentencing in a carnal knowledge case.
There were men sentenced for carnal knowledge with force.
In 1971, Nichols put out Carnal Knowledge, which created a sensation because of its sexual nature.
He began hosting Carnal Knowledge, a late-night game show, and had a part in Father Ted.
and The Candidate and Carnal Knowledge and The French Connection and The Godfather.
But when you hear a child of no more than eight suggest that his little friend has had carnal knowledge of his mother (use your imagination, I can't really spell it out in a family newspaper) then you know the time has come to take a stand.
It also established director Mike Nichols as one of the brightest new young talents of the era - He had already received critical acclaim for his debut film Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, and went on to direct other classic films like Catch-22 and Carnal Knowledge.
28) Such stratagems, legitimating the couple's commencement of sexual relations before their grandest church wedding service, gave them another measure of protection against the nouement since the curse was widely regarded as harder to effect on partners with carnal knowledge of one another.
But the trouble is not just Braden's lack of carnal knowledge.
Unlike many state penal codes that use a gender-neutral approach to rape, the national crime report defines forcible rape as, "(t)he carnal knowledge of a female forcibly against her will.
He was convicted in April 2006 at Belfast Crown Court of indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge following an attack in Co Down on a girl aged 13 and her 15-year-old sister who has learning difficulties.
The defendant, who is now 43, pleaded guilty in the Townsville Magistrates Court to four counts of unlawful carnal knowledge of a child under 16.