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98) This link connecting blame, shame, and game holds true in medieval expressions of antitheatrical prejudice, which accuse theatrical plays of the shameful and blameworthy crimes of carnality, blasphemy, and idolatry.
In the same vein, the distinction he urged on his informants between pre-contact and post-contact knowledge, I shall argue, was read by them as a distinction between spirituality and carnality, or, much the same, I shall also argue, a distinction between male discourse and its female counterpart.
Zorba embodies the healthy pagan world: life, joy, carnality and he is life without guilt, pure nature.
Album opener Skulldiggin reverberates with buzzing guitar and Lewis's vocal howl, part Jimi Hendrix cool, part James Brown carnality and stubbed toe anguish.
However here--surprisingly--Houellebecq's hero, once stubbornly addicted to acts of acrobatic carnality, discovers the redemptive power of love.
This constantly ajar orifice suggests, again too obviously, Adele's ravenous hunger--she slurps down multiple plates of spaghetti Bolognese--and carnality, her sexual curiosity piqued when she first sees Emma (Lea Seydoux), a slightly older, soft-butch, turquoise-haired beaux-arts university student, who cruises her back.
The carnality of this passage conveys Hart's deeply Catholic sensibility, a sense of God's closeness and presence in the world, despite the intellectual conviction that breaks in from time to time that God is distant from him.
Yet the carnality of sexual intercourse is also inescapably religious, since a man and woman thus joined "strain for Eden, where a fountain rose.
Without the rush of its predecessors, it's still full of characters, carnality and concepts of masculinity.
The value of the Void Archetype or stillness in the journey towards the future is that revelations, self-criticism and comprehensive awareness are impossible where everybody seeks for attention and where significance is given to outward shows of carnality, impropriety, and vulgarism as exemplified by the ingloriousness of Jute and Sam especially.
hide, it cannot disappear itself, its lucent carnality works like a
Everyone can see that Sir Guyon in the Bower of Bliss (II xii) is a man founding his conduct upon moral principles rather than the love of pleasure; that Amoret in the Castle of Busirane (III xii) is a woman tormented by her own carnality.