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Guedes, "Carnauba wax p-methoxycinnamic diesters: characterisation, antioxidant activity and simulated gastrointestinal digestion followed by in vitro bioaccessibility," Food Chemistry, vol.
Caption: Figure 3: FTIR spectra in the mid-infrared region of the studied lipid materials (black line: carnauba wax, gray line: beeswax, light gray line: shellac wax) using different analysis modes.
Figure 2 shows SEM pictures of the four coating materials used in this article: (a) natural carnauba wax particles (S-5021, mean particle size: 5-8 [micro]m, from Shamrock Technologies); (b) micronized PE wax powders (MP-22XXF, mean particle size: 4.0-5.5 [micro]m, from Micro Powder); (c) polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) nanoparticles, around 100 nm in size, were obtained from Alfa Aesar; and (d) PTFE wax powder (Fluo 625F-H, mean particle size: 13.0-20.0 [micro]m, from Micro Powder).
As Menezes Pimentel noted in 1943, with the United States effectively the sole foreign purchaser of Ceara's exports, only strategic war materials, such as carnauba wax and vegetable oils, had fared well.
Slip 1 (carnauba wax + lanolin wax, 2.5 g), defoamer (0.1 g) and a solvent of the glycol ether acetate type (11.0 g) and a solvent of the ester type (4.0 g) were assembled as a mixture.
WITH a formula containing carnauba wax and hydrogenated palm and coconut oils, these Yves Saint Laurent lip liner pencils, above, are soft and smooth.
A mixture of waxes, such as beeswax or carnauba wax, gives lipstick its firmness.
Zymol Royale is a carnauba wax which apparently protects your paintwork with tough, protective and water-resistant layers.
The beeswax, carnauba wax and natural resin paste formula produces a dirt- and dust-resistant coat without harsh chemicals.
Endothermic agents include oxidized and unoxidized polymers; carbon monoxide-bonded copolymers; polyethylene waxes; stearamides; tars; high-molecular-weight oils; polyvinyl alcohol; carnauba wax; metallic hydroxides; boric acid; dodecaborane; paraldehyde; paraformaldehyde; trioxane; acetates; carbonates; salts; and hydrates.
Contains Carnauba wax that allows you to re-style whenever you want.
ECHINACEA, hops, carnauba wax and vitamin E are just some of the ingredients in Liz Earle's Hand Repair lotion, just launched in a new 100ml pump size.