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Then we experimentally tested the effect of pack or group size on the per-group and per-individual capture rates of this carnivorous pitcher plant.
This discovery marks the first occurrence of very large carnivorous dinosaurs in the Early Jurassic of southern Gondwana, the prehistoric continent which would later break up and become Africa and other landmasses.
Today, for a number of converging reasons - the age of social media, the popularity of ecological gardening and the breeding of variants - the interest in carnivorous plants has never been more intense or widespread.
This guide explains the cultivation of carnivorous plants, focusing on the more commonly and easily grown plants from different genera.
The number of people, victims of stings carnivorous, injuries and mutilations is reflected in table 3.
Why have so many different groups of unrelated plants developed the carnivorous lifestyle?
The researchers didn't remove the carnivorous lizards, Leiocephalus carinatus, after introducing them to the islands, but the experiment was on a small scale, says Rosen.
Cook operates Cook's Carnivorous Plants, a nursery that specializes in bug-eating plants.
Devin residents had marked the presence of a carnivorous bear near their town, with a horse and several sheep having being killed over the summer.
They all catch their food, they are all carnivorous plants.
ONE of the greatest collections of carnivorous plants ever displayed will go on show at Chester Zoo this summer as part of the European Carnivorous Plant Expo.
The immediate benefit of a carnivorous habit in plants is a significant increase in rate of photosynthesis derived from a higher concentration of nutrients in leaves (Aldenius et al.