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Notwithstanding, the absence of femoral pulses in the presence of carotid pulses after CPR should prompt a CT scan, as in our case.
the ECG monitor still showed a straight line, spontaneous breathing had not recovered, there was no carotid pulse, and his pupils had become dilated and fixed, so he was declared dead.
She said: "Mr Worrall told us last year that, after having carried out CPR for some time, he again checked for Colin's pulse by feeling for his carotid pulse and also checking for any sign of breathing.
Results: In a study of 300 individuals the consistent response of performing chest compression was seen in a large no of participants (97.3%) which was followed by checking responsiveness (75%) checking carotid pulse (66.6%) effective chest compressions (76.6%) mask ventilation first attempt was successful in (33.3%) and second attempt (96.6%).
Correct palpation of the carotid pulse required the individual to "lightly" press on the artery to avoid triggering the baroreceptor reflex, which has been demonstrated to decrease HR (23).
Occasionally, the tumor mass may transmit the carotid pulse or demonstrate a bruit or thrill.
Also check the pulse by placing two fingers on one or the other side of the person's neck muscle adjacent to the Adam's apple to feel if he has a carotid pulse. Carotid pulse is a better indicator of a heart attack than pulse on the wrist because it's nearer to the heart.
A potentially fatal choking game involved impeding the carotid arterial circulation using digital pressure of the 'spotters' fingers or thumbs at a landmark we would describe as the point of a palpable carotid pulse on the anterolateral neck of the victim.