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Spaces of the suprahyoid head and neck * Visceral (pharyngomucosal space) * Retropharyngeal * Prevertebral (perivertebral space) * Parapharyngeal (prestyloid parapharyngeal) * Carotid sheath (carotid, post styloid parapharyngeal) * Masticator * Buccal * Parotid * Sublingual * Submandibular Table 2.
Careful dissection freed the tumor from the facial nerve laterally, the carotid sheath anteriorly, and the skull base superiorly.
Potential complications of PTA can be life-threatening, such as airway obstruction, hemorrhage from erosion or septic necrosis into the carotid sheath.
The muscle was wedged between the carotid sheath antero-medially; and the brachial plexus and scalenus medius postero-laterally as shown in Figure 2.
Inferiorly it descends into the neck medial to the carotid sheath.
The large mass identified on axial imaging was anatomically located within the left anterior cervical space; the boundaries of which are formed by all three layers of the deep cervical fascia before they converge; forming the carotid sheath posteriorly (1) (Figure.
Most are located anterior to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, posterior to the submandibular gland and lateral to the carotid sheath (Figure 5).
In the normal course a persistent fistula of the second, third and fourth branchial cleft and pouch passes from the external opening in the mid or lower third of neck in the line of the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, deep to platysma along the carotid sheath.
The carotid artery was draped over the mass, so the carotid sheath was opened and the artery was mobilized off the front of the mass.
It is expected that these tumours will have the same intrinsic imaging characteristics, as they have the same histological basis, however it is unusual for a vagal paraganglioma to arise within the carotid sheath at the point of the carotid bifurcation.