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While their personalities were decidedly different-Sterling loved a good party and was an infamous carouser while Piazzoni was quiet and retiring-their respective arts were often analogous in subject and mood.
He was a notorious drunk and a carouser, and he had a scar running from his left cheek down to his jaw from a knifing," noted baseball historian Mike Sowell, "but Donlin knew how to hit the ball.
He was a bit of drinker and carouser but he was not an uncontrollable human being.
demanded the carouser, before stumbling off elsewhere.
Once a carouser with President Kennedy, Sinatra had also been a loyal Democrat, but with the rise of the counter-culture he had turned into a Republican supporter and backed Nixon's 1972 campaign, though their private one-to-one never happened.
Sebastian Rolvenden is gifted with the written remains of his namesake grandfather's life: a journal of sorts, a map, and letters which reveal that his vicar ancestor was much more than a religious man in his earlier days; he was a bohemian, a carouser, and perhaps a murderer.
It is NUFC which pays for the Pop Idol haircuts, the little diamond ear studs and the jollies at The Ritz (the management of which were charmed by our Cardiff carouser, weren't they?
And eight nights of marriage to carouser Chris Evans seem to have put years on Billie Piper.
And he does not leap out of his longpruned skin when confronted by a devil-maycare carouser dressed in a skeleton suit.